Primary Prevention -- Stopping the Violence Before It Starts

While domestic violence is a crime that is perpetrated by both genders, it is a crime whose victims are primarily women and often children. It is a crime that annually leaves 3 to 4 million women in the United States battered by their husbands or partners. It is a crime committed every 15 seconds, according to some estimates, with a woman and possibly her children, being victimized, most often in the one place where they should feel safe...the home.

The battering of spouses and partners is also a public health problem in American society. It has, for far too long, gone unnoticed, been tolerated, or been given attention sporadically. Just as it took many years for the public recognition of child abuse and neglect to emerge, the recognition of spouse/partner abuse has also been a long time coming. Mounting statistics tell the severity of the problem but not what can be done to prevent it. Here at The Laurel Center we are working in Winchester, Frederick County and Clarke County to teach youth, start conversations and proactively work towards eliminating domestic and sexual violence through our educational programs. 

 Graphic SpectrumOfPrevention

Current programs include the following:

Nursery School Projectworking with preschool aged children and preschool service providers to develop healthy relationship skills and healthy relationship modeling.

Northend Collaboration working with the Northend community in Winchester to promote a community-owned, long-range plan for violence prevention

Teen Intervention Project one-time presentations to high school- and college-aged youth to promote an understanding of sexual violence, dating violence, and healthy relationships

Multi-Session Programs curriculum-based programs for middle and high school aged youth to explore healthy relationship issues, bullying, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and/or dating violence. Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the youth in the program.

LGBTQ Training - program to educate and inform agencies/groups on discrimination laws and policy changes.  

To learn more about these programs or to speak with our staff about bringing a program to your agency or group, please call our office at 540-667-6160.

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